On the banks of the Thames in Hammersmith, London is the iconic Black Lion pub. Two neighbours in the area, Lindsay Elder and Georgie Emery, approached the pub owners to ask if they could utilise the space of the disused Skittle Alley at the back of the building as a small coffee shop and pantry.
They approached me to come up with a logo identity for Skittle Alley. I was fortunate enough to work on this project with designer, Laura Wall. We had great fun visualising the space and coming up with cost-effective ways to make the brand a success. We helped choose the colour of the exterior, and designed simple, cost-efficient ways to use the logo on items like the paper wrap for the artisanal breads and the eco-friendly coffee cups. 
Once Skittle Alley was open, and very popular, people would often comment to Lindsay and Georgie that the ‘l’ in their logo had slipped to one side. It was a real talking point in the neighborhood. 
We were proud and pleased to add our touch to this amazing little space.
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