Sasko Flour asked Sue S | Design (in collaboration with Saatchi&Saatchi) to design a small pamphlet cook book as a give-away promotional item for their product. 
We challenged that it should be designed as a recipe book that customers kept on their kitchen shelf, always referencing Sasko Flour when cooking or baking.
In collaboration with Mimi Cooper of Saatchi&Saatchi Cape Town, we conceptualised the idea of portraying hard-working South African women as heroes.
Traditionally African male political leaders had their faces printed onto fabric designs. 
We wished to represent the women who keep their households running, ensure their family get to work and school on time, put a hot meal on the table at night, all on a tight budget, and make them our heroes. 
We divided the cookbook into 4 sections represented by 4 women heroes - Mama ama Treat Treat, iLadyComfort, Princess Jabulani and Queen iYoh. The four women heroes covered the many emotions and aspects of celebrating being a mother to a family.
The cookbook was given away in a folded apron, which was designed with an upside down conversion table pocket which made for easy conversions while baking.
The illustrations were done by Heidi Chisholm, and the recipes are the work of Juleta Hirner. 
The photographs are by the Mathys van Lill and Hey C J Parker
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